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    Cell games participants!

    Good point Optiks.... i guess there could be a minimum HP. So if you had 10 and the min is 25 you get to respawn... but how are the ref's going to know how much HP the winner has. They could ask but the player could lie. i'm not all that sure its needed. I won 7 duels in a row without...
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    Cell games participants!

    I just had a "Cell games" type match with a couple of guys with the "touch the ground and you're out" rule and it worked fine. Actually i played twice like this.... some of the matches did end quikly but most of them ended in "kills" not "knockouts". It actually added a lot to the gameplay...
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    Cant see the sky..

    Try changing your video settings... i had this problem when running HL in direct3D.... try changing it to openGL...
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    Prider Turnament.# 1

    Hey priden you can do a fusion with Konami who's trying to set up the "cell games" ( ). Anyway i'm up for it...
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    bad losers....

    Yeah i saw a lot of this earlier.... but a lot better servers are poppping up with good admins who dont mind "fighting". As far as the "bad loser servers" go..... not much of a point hanging around them since anyone who would give you a good fight would get kicked anyway.
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    Cell games participants!

    So characters are going to be restricted (1 goku, 1 vegeta,1 etc.) ? It would be nice to see everyone as a diffrent character but.... it would really suck to not get your fav character... but i guess that can be solved by character rotation or something. Oh and please dont forget to PW the...
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    Cell Games!

    Sunday night is fine with me.... but what time zone? Central here... Also... are you going to need are contact info or anything else? Well looking forward to it..... hopefully we can try some 2 on(vs) 2 too (heh).
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    "Duel" mode of play

    Duel mode... basicly the same as in Jedi Knight 2..... for those of you who arnt familiar: Two players fight at time, the rest of the players on the server spectate. THe winning player stays the losing player goes to the end of the line waiting to return to the ring... the next player in line...
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    Cell Games!

    Count me in! How do we find out where and when the "games" are? Edit: Go check out my poll if you're into this type of gameplay!