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    Scorpion sig..

    Thanks for the replay :)
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    Some Better sigs!

    The 2 at the top are rather boring, but the 2 at the bottom IMO are great. I like the pics of Vash, and on the other the blue is nicely blended. :yes: I dunno about that host problem though, sorry :(.
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    Scorpion sig..

    I still dunno if i've gotten good at making sigs, i look at all the great ones on this forum, and wish i could do that >_<. I'm still currently using one someone else made for me, anyway i decided to try and really spend time on one today, just curious on how you guys think it came out...
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    2 sigs

    Not to get you in trouble, but isn't talking about illegally dl a program against the rules around here? (Haven't been around recently, so i dunno if thigs have changed :\). Anyway, They are nice for beginning sigs i agree. I like the shade of blue and the pics are nice. Try to start working...
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    This Scares Me

    Yeah, 404's scare me all the time, and give me nightmares ;)
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    Didnt have any thing to do so have a look at this

    I get a page cannot be displayed, stupied Geocities, i'll post what i think when it comes back up :\.
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    How Did U Find Esf?

    When i first started getting into half-life about 2 years ago my friend told me of a DBZ mod for it. I didn't even know what a mod was but i started looking anyway. I found DmZ and for awhile just stared at it, because i didn't know how to instal it. After i did i played that for awhile until...
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    character i made...

    :yes: I like it. I agree the cigar doesn't really suit him, but other then that great. I wish i could make my own characters :( all i can do is draw already existing ones.
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    NeLo's Art

    Its nice, too bad the other was too big and you had to rush this one. Still looks nice though. The ear looks kinda big, but i guess thats how its suppose to be seeing how it is in your sig. :yes: good job.
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    What do u think???????

    Alittle bigger then i like them, and for some reqason the pics seem out of place, but the backrounds nice, and its not bad :yes:
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    Vipa's Fortress

    Kinda dark and hard to see the 3D pic, but looks good so far. And yeah, show some updates :).
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    Vipa's Fortress

    Kinda dark and hard to see the 3D pic, but looks good so far. And yeah, show some updates :).
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    Custom Textures! Please Help!

    :\ I tried -nowadtextures , didn't work.
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    Custom Textures! Please Help!

    Oh, it the command -includewad? I've heared a few people mention it, if that is it, where do i put it? Also, what would be the right folder for esf then? Because i guess i could have them in the wrong folder. Thx for the help so far.
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    Custom Textures! Please Help!

    I've been making a map and adding my own textures to it, I've read many MANY tutorials on making it the correct size in Wally and then making it a wad. But i still have one huge problem i can't find how to fix in any tutorials. After i put my texture in worldcraft, apply it to the certain...