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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Well they do something at the very least and you never know. Actually happened with DragonBall Source that a group of individuals wanted to continue working and improving it but Gundy lost the source code from what I remember. But again, this is my suggestion :). It up to you guys!
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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    You guys should definitely consider releasing all the content (code, 3D models, animation files and etc.) weither its completed or incompleted within a final release, so that this can still be editted/changed by the community as the enthusiasts will always strive. Make a legacy :).
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    Even if they released it to public, it would still be not possible to use that in the latest stable ESF (1.2 is it?) that public has access to.
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    BEE game Character WIP

    Now this looks way better in some areas! Keep up detailing, keep up practicing and keep experimenting with zbrush! I don't know what else can I tell you :). Just keep up us updated!
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    BEE game Character WIP

    The drawover I did very quick. Hopefully this will give you an idea. Just keep it up, it's getting better. Don't hesitate to do a lot of experimenting. Keep up the great work!
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    BEE game Character WIP

    Hei! I'm glad to hear it's helping you! I looked quite fast into some example videos you should check, I'm not sure as I'm not a fan of random youtube videos, and I used to follow lynda/gnomons/digitaltutors before, but these seem quite ok just to have an eye on...
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    BEE game Character WIP

    Well good progress so far. Just small tips for you. You could break down your character into more parts/subtools [example here and it would keep your PC alive for more millions of polygons and would give you much more control over areas. Remember that the model does not necessarily have to be a...
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    my progress in modelling :D

    Very good. Just couple of tips: 1) Study little more about human anatomy (muscles and skeleton anatomy mainly) 2) Try to follow some folds in areas -- watch references / for various of parts of clothings. Plus you should consider that different material will cause different...
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    Anger Meter

    I'm trying to point someone to try themselves first and see how it is -- in short trying to endorse to get someone into game development.
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    Anger Meter

    All ideas are good as long as they give you motivation to do something. Why not try modify existing ESF (was it 1.2) version and see how it goes? Experiments and ideas like that usually can be a good start of something that can change one's direction of life. Experiments and it's results can...
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    Your team need the guy thats making db unreal

    ESF team is not so bold as he is. They don't require for donations. And the policy of usage of models from commercial existing projects was ever since a big no no. You can use already existing material for learning purposes. Open source- sure, as it says OPEN. But everyone wants to stay...
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    Vegeta From DBS/ROF

    You should definitely think of releasing all the content.
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    ESF need to step the game up

    For the last time: it's up to developer how and when they want to work and release the game. Maybe the game will be released in 2120 by the grandson of Ryokeen and this is perfectly fine as developers are investing their time and they spent their huge part of life on this, so it's obvious that...
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    Recovering my ESF map

    I think the tools that were used back in the day, are totally outdated and I believe it would be counter-productive to continue on building custom maps for old version of ESF. I'd recommend to have a look in any kind of 3D editor, learn how to use and to help the team with the final version...