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    Question please answer???

    How to install models into ESF ? First , download the model you want. Then go to the ESF\DATA\PLAYERS folder and find the Model replacement , in this case the Goku folder. You can now see two maps , one called SSJGoku and one called Goku. SSJGoku is the model that's being used for...
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    Goten WIP

    Still looks nice. Although which one are you moddeling? Goten from GT or Goten from Z? You should go for the Goten from GT , seeing as Krillins model (You have to replace when going for Chibi Goten) has screwed up animations. :laff:
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    Goten WIP

    Nice , looks pretty good for a start :yes: I can't see any things that needs to be changed A.S.A.P though. Although , now to think of it , try to make his belly area (above the waist) a bit , thinner. Beside's that , great work
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    when you blast a ki-blast on the ground there scould apear an crater

    Sorry man. But that aint possible on the Half-Life engine. If ESF was based on the Red Faction 1/2 engine , it could've been done. But it would be tricky seeing as great parts of the "damaged-map" often don't return. If you would be , for example , Vegeta in the...
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    Chibi trunks skined - finished

    Hmz. Looks pretty good so far. At least better then Krillin looks now. The arms and legs could use some work , but Chibi Trunks isn't muscular in DBZ either. Concidering Vegeta's muscular body , Chibi Trunks has way less. The arms should be made a bit thinner , same goes for the legs. If he...
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    Possibly for ESF >_O

    Is it just me? Or don't people read what Smo had to say about this? He will , eventually release these models for ESF .. a week after or before 1.2 or heck , even at the same time. But seeing as i only have 2 posts , i'd better shut up myself. Back to topic , Smo , excellent work on...
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    Darksun Goku

    Whoa! Well DarkSun , first i gotta say this. You're a really great modeller. Really great. This is by far the best Goku i've ever seen. ZQ2 made the right choice getting you on the team ( And vice-versa) There are some small problems on the model. But i'm not gonna nag. If someone...