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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Hi guy! Thanks for the comprehensive update. 😁 Looking good.
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    I guess I'm back too :p

    Welcome back. Yeah, we got jew'd out of the Force Pit, hard. Always good to see oldies though. :)
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    The God has returned

    Ditto! I used to love this forum back in the day. Had many a good laugh.
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    The God has returned

    Shit, I thought Sub was back. Like a second coming, or 3rd, or 4th? Anyway. Sup Deathshot! o/
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    How many girls play ESF

    I once played ESF while wearing a thong. True story.
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    A blast from the past -- Ancient ESF stuff inside

    Hi Satan, Welcome back! I have the mural from 2005 if anyone wants it.
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    Some tasting for the fans

    Looking forward to it, besides the visual improvements and the older vids I don't really know what to expect gameplay wise.
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    Bleach of the week[Spoilers allowed]

    Yeah, been reading every week. Its a habit I suppose. Ichigo and just about everyone got wipped by baddies, then everyone got an insane power up in a very short time, as these things go. Orihime is in heuco mundo again, god knows what shes doing there. I think shes leveling her archaeology...
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    [Old PotW] Vegeta afterrnoon daylight

    Yeah, I like that time cycles and that light has such a big impact on everything, from water to reflections and shades.. should be quite epic!
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    New to the community

    Hey, welcome! Glad too see some new blood! :) Suddenly people are joining and posting more... We have a people from nearly everywhere in the forum community and they all obviously have their own quirks and mannerisms. The forum isn't nearly as active at the moment as it was before though and...
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    Facebook Buying WhatsApp - $19B In Cash And Stock

    I'm not too sure on the exact numbers but quite a few Billion (4?) will go towards development funding. I'm just worried that Whatsapp is going to start spitting advertising at me soon.
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    New Around Here

    The one by Chakra-X? My flash player isn't working atm but I think its linked in the linked thread above. "here it is" Alternative link Sub also once posted a link to a cool youtube tutorial, will copy it here when I find it. Youtube
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    New Around Here

    If the standard 1.2.3 servers don't have many players, look into installing the ECX addon. The more servers you can join the more players you can play against I guess. I usually download some custom maps and model/sprite packs. Makes it more fun.
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    New Around Here

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Hope you stick around. I think the largest player base is currently playing ESF 1.2.3. Have a look at this thread. It should answer all your questions. In short though, you'll need steam and Half Life 1 installed.