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    Cant run game

    ESF Bots are compatible with Steam?
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    when i wish for Inmortality it do not work! Other players can kill me! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry: :cry:
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    so you Pwb are an modelator?
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    how do you close a Thread ??
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    Making ShortCuts for ESF

    or when you play Counter-Strike, Half-Life and other mods at the console type: /gamedir esf and now the game will change to Earth Special Forces... :)
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    Need help installing ESF

    hmm..... Berto from where you download the ESF installer? I downloaded from OktaGone and installer works.....
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    Vegeta is the best

    Vegeta is the best! :p
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    problem whit my mp3 playlist

    hmm... don't know :)
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    Are there any rule to ESF?

    yeah, endi, attack when somebody transform is lame....
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    Capture the dragon ball mode

    thankz Miroku! ;)
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    esf beta 1.1

    Question: Where i can find Esf Beta 1.1 ?? if its releasted...:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Capture the dragon ball mode

    how to run the Capture The Dragon ball mode? im a n00bie so i don't know! :(