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    Hard to code ??? Buu has the candy attack ...... you can let Cell's potential tail attack work in a similar way ..... So only animation would be required
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    Piccolo's Scatterattack

    Just hold left and right mouse button and you have a real nice move :)
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    Neds Vegeto Model/skin Is Released!

    OMG .......... I played with the Vegetto and it owns :yes:
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    Ultimate Moves

    Goku already has a ultimate move: Its called the Kamehameha :p No but seriously I dont think the shuld get more moves that would nuke a map clean
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    Destructable Terrain

    I do not think it would be possible to implement destructable terrain in ESF unless they decide to switch to the Geo-Mod engine
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    New Attack for Piccolo...

    Just replace the Masenko with the beam he uses against cell so Picollo has a beam that can stand a chance in a p/s
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    Powering up

    And there are lots of places were cable or DSL are not available
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    Another playing mode

    Yeah no-flying in ESF_city rules ! Cool idea
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    Ki ball remake, More radius

    I like it so im gonna sit here and drool .......
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    New attack for CELL...(idea)

    No no no no no ! Cell thought he pierced 16's Neural Thingie so 16 pretended to be paralyzed. Cell should get an absorb attack, similar too Buu's candy attack but he should use his tail instead of a ray Another reason for a absorb attack ..... he needs an unique attack cause now he only...
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    When ingamei hear people talk about scripts and binds but what are they ?
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    i have 2 suggestions

    I dont like the idea.... see ya in school Archon-X :)
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    Beam Camera

    Cool idea in theory but in maps like Kami the spammers will have it so easy cause they will hide under the lookout and shoot a beam up the lookout with out any real practice
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    Most Logical (New) Characters to have in ESF?

    Untrue, Buu is in the game too and he starts out way more powerful than the rest
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    "Cheapest" Attacks

    There are no cheap attacks only cheap tactics like attacking someone from behind or someone who cannot defend himself