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    Frontpage Yes.. We are still alive!

    Nice update lads! Remember public beta's, just a hint.
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    Ever wonder, if you look at this shit what we typed over a decade ago, what the we were smoking...

    Ever wonder, if you look at this shit what we typed over a decade ago, what the we were smoking back then. Ye, me neither.
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    Aye, still remember you, welcome back. Glad to hear things are well.
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    The God has returned

    Because each time I try to do a kamehameha in the shower I am reminded of this place. Oh shit, this thread actually had some content attached. I remember eon pm'ing me on steam about all this shit and being banned. Sad how that ended but we all know what the people in charge of the forum were...
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    So How Close Are We?

    harSens says:
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    Star Citizen

    The avenger is a great ship. Last weekend a buddy and me played around with it. Loved it. I couldn't resist and got an upgrade One of those two will be upgraded to one of the ships listed above.
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    Star Citizen

    Those are nice, I really like the Constellation too. I've got my eyes on the vanguard and redeemer now, gonna use the Gladius as a jumping board to one of them. Really like the look of the saber too, but I like the super hornet more. seeing as the came company makes the Vanguard they are kinda...
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    Star Citizen

    Woohoo, 133 prospects, and 12 recruits, I unlocked my free Gladius! It's pretty Click for Gladius
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    Oculus Rift

    I honestly wouldn't know yet. Though I don't really experience motion sickness during rides/flights or games, I don't think that'll be too much of an issue.
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    Star Citizen

    Touché, edited the line
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    Oculus Rift

    When is your birthday, I'll get you one of these
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    Oculus Rift

    I see your point, but I disagree strongly. Simulation games don't need a keyboard per se. your fingers can be blindly be on the default keys, your mouse can handle a lot of keybindings too, everything secondary can be done through voice commands. If you see limitations, try and overcome them...
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    What video card do you have?

    A delicious little MSI GTX 780 Ti. I'm upgrading this summer. The new NVIDIA line looks like an actual upgrade. Hoping it'll be here Q1 or Q2
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    Star Citizen

    Raise from the dead, ye old thread. So, just adding a bit too it. Star Citizen released a video about landing on a procedural generated planet! It's simply amazing. Just watch the first few minutes! Been ****ing around with voice commands too...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year guys!