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    What will happen when...

    Uhm I would probably not be affected that much, I'll just play WoW more...
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    Make your own hydrogen bomb!

    Now where did I put that anarchist cookbook?
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    Wich song/album was #1 when you were born.

    On XX XX XXXX ... The Number 1 single was: Wet Wet Wet / Billy Bragg - "With A Little Help From My Friends / She's Leaving Home" For Number 1 single over the subsequent years Click Here The Number 1 album was: Prince - "Lovesexy" For Number 1 album over the subsequent...
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    What type of music do YOU like?

    Black, Death, Gothic, Trash( a little), Power, Doom, Speed( a little). Add Metal to the end of each term. And I have a tolerance of everything else. EXCEPT: MANELE!!!
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    Whos from romania ?

    OK so most of you Romanians out here can recognize I'm one by my nick. Sal Baietzi! (Hi Guys!) As a romanian born immigrant in the US I think I can say I know what I'm talking about when I say you are not a romanian, Zeonix. neither are you SSFT or what's your name. The thing is you haven't...
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    Good songs?

    So uhm... you said rock heavy stuff. I hope you mean metal. Here's some good songs/bands, I might be wrong about some names and such. Nightwish: Nemo, Kinslayer, Sleeping Sun, Over the Hills and far Away, Wishmaster, Elvenpath, Moondance(oh yeah this one especially, if you don't air it at...
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    Another Rediculous AF Joke

    If one would watch Adult Swim right right now, they would see Ghost in the Shell-fart version. Woo that came out weird...
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    What do you do best?

    I'm probably good at adapting, or learning on the fly. So I guess you can compare me to a D&D bard. I also tend to be good at influencing people to do what I want them to, and keeping a low profile.
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    need help badly

    well last time I checked It was free but you had to register(still free, time consuming) but recently autodesk bought alias. so you say they mixed em together? that just sucks... no more maya for us now. we're going to have to use a halfbreed.
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    Another Rediculous AF Joke

    Yeah they showed it two times one before FMA with farting and one after FMA without farting. The second one was actually "diffrent" than what I saw the first time, a lot of what the chracters were saying got farted out.
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    Another Rediculous AF Joke

    so from 12 AM was Chuck norris... at 12:30 Ghost in the Shell with the same fart sounds... oh man that was one good laugh, watching them trying to identify some terrorist while everyone was farting... Good Job Adult Swim!
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    Another Rediculous AF Joke

    I know, I was watching the same thing... man I loved when the bird attacked. it looked like it had a diarhea. did you see what was before? Chuck Norris Ninja Kommando. I don't know if they air that regurarly but it was hilarious.
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    Another Rediculous AF Joke

    Ok another one from Blizzard, this one is a bit more hidden. it involves the new 1.11 patch. Fixed bug which allowed Rogues to wield two weapons at the same time. Using friendly emotes will now...
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    need help badly

    how about wings? it's probably the easiest mesh modeler(they call is subdivision modeler) I have seen. I literally showed it to a friend who can draw and surprised me by learning the basic stuff in under 10 min. and such. And it's free. also there is maya learning...
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    IQ test D:

    I got 124. Your unusual talent of being equally good at both mathematical and verbal skills, paired with the way you learn through experience, makes you an Inventive Inquisitor. You understand the world by "learning through living" and are able to teach others by taking them through actual...