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    Telport Idea

    what you mean?... it already looks like that o_O imo
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    a new character

    the only movie character i'd like to see is jenemba. but thats only me
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    Buu is gunna Eat YOU bishez!

    yea thats what my point was but you would have to do a bit more than that. since they have slightly different properties
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    Buu is gunna Eat YOU bishez!

    dude =_= you realise this is a suggestion? and if they want to do it they can you shouldnt be worried about time plus the mod will release when its released
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    Buu is gunna Eat YOU bishez!

    ok ok i enjoy my idea because its something different and not to hard its also very true to the anime unlike the SSJs, buu requires more and to the 8 different models. its not too hard. (dont kill me for saying this) you just have tweek the existing super buu and make it so he has the...
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    Buu is gunna Eat YOU bishez!

    Sorry the Title vaigly relates to the topic... =_= First, Ive been playing ESF since about alpha 2.0 ish (remembers how there was this one clan server that was always emtpy =_=) but I really havent gotten into the forums. But anyway, I was talking to my friend Phrack50 and shouted out this...