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    Why don't you just release it?

    Lol just reading the thread title made me laugh out loud for real ^^ But knowing that the devs are working on it is more important to me than actually playing for some reason. Specially since that thesis on destructable objects, the dev journal vid (cant' remember his name right now) and...
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    I could not hold back :D

    770 is already pretty high end.
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    As far i remember they wanted to put an option in the game so that players could chose their prefered style. Not sure if that's still gonna be the case tho. I kinda hope lv cell shading will still be in cause it looks nice :p
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    I could not hold back :D

    Wait wait wait, 770? what about my 580! god damn i love this stuff but it's killing my pc! lol Good job on that :p Btw those clouds can't be interacted with right? as in physx.
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    ESF Music

    I'm still not sure if you guys have your own songs for the game yet. But theres this channel on youtube with orchestrated dbz themes... That's just the goku theme but he has more. Maybe this is the kind of music you could use in the game...
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    Help you can download some of their tracks yeah.
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    i thought timn was only doing nnk and talking about a music guy... i kinda wish there was a free band like the faulty/rusticate. the songs of esf are still in my playlist just cause nostalgia :p
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    [Old PotW] ESF_Cell_Games Update

    I doubt they're gonna hire a narrator for this...
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    [Old PotW] ESF_Cell_Games Update

    Dalte should make a picture of every sound effect he did in the xml editor... I think you can fill plenty of weeks with those xD Derp that would be a potw not motw/m/y... And it's nice to see those little details get fixed aswell ^^
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    [Old PotW] Earth's Special Forces - Dev Journal #1 - Vegeta Throw

    That was rather special to see *hear* him at work lol. For some reason i expected more random talk but i guess he was too tired ;) Lol, what does goku do?! also: shouldn't those eyes be a little bit brighter? grayish...
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    Free Game
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    [Old PotW] Quick Update

    you talking about hlev right deverz?
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    Free Game

    If you'd read more carefully they say that the servers are overloaded because too many ppl want these... Even when giving away free games they can't do good enough for you?
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    Free Game

    And another free game! only for today i think.