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    New Power Strugle and Teleport

    Orbit I greatly agree with u for your idea and now i think about it so do i on ur second idea....that would make the game look better if u would be able to create 2 huge balls
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    Transforming Spirit Bomb! 2 Ps At Once! Plz Discuss

    I think u should be able to shoot two Generic Beams at the same time but have them go in the same direction as ur cursor...such as if u do a PS with one Generic Beam you would be able to charge up the second one and send that one out to try to attack ur opponent while in PS or just do two Power...
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    Vegeta = teh gimp

    well....i like my idea.....*starts crying*
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    Vegeta = teh gimp

    hello....i think vegeta should use a final attack the big fricken explosion he used against buu.....u know when he is super sayain and yea....big should only be used when he probly has low 20 and under
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    Cool Animation

    well....i hope u are happy u made me official afraid of my computer moniter now....
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    New Power Strugle and Teleport

    Hello This Is PiccolosEternity and i have a couple of sudgestions u may say..... 1. Ok i think that when 2 beams collide causing a power strugle dust should kick up from the ground. And if u win Your beam should Engoulf the other beam causing in double damage.. 2.I think you guys should...