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    Things are going well. Glad to see a lot of old faces again.
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    Lots of familiar faces I see still around!
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    How is everyone doing? Been a long time since I've been around these parts of the net. Wonder who remembers me....:cool:
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    Moderator Applicants

    Yeah I would like to sign up as well except that I would be worse then Sword AKA Cucumba. You should go on a hunt for the Hibiki who is the best damn moderator to ever come to this place!!!
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    Need a new headset

    I use the same mouse deverz its great for everything I use it for. Did you check out the turtle beach website? I've had my pair for over 3 years now and they work fantastic and feel nice and comfortable.
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    Need a new headset

    I've always liked the turtle beach headsets myself and this one I found sounds quite interesting. I own a pair of X31's which are old but I made them compatible with my 360 and pc and I enjoy them a lot.
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    Official Diablo 3 thread

    So its almost been 2 full weeks since the release, how many are still jumping into d3 every now and then or do you play almost everyday still? Myself I've been taking my time checking over a lot of areas and trying to get a lot of the achievements so I only have a level 34 Demon Hunter in...
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    MechWarrior Online Closed Beta invites now available.

    I was watching some videos and I'm not a big fan of trees or buildings not being destructible and clipping through tree's. In most games these days even online its almost become an necessity to have such elements in games. I'll probably still check it out since I'm a big fan of mech style...
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    Favorite videogame battle music?

    For me it was the X series for the snes. The upgrades for X is what I liked the most out of the entire series.
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    Favorite videogame battle music? Hands down! This had me pumped through the entire level like I was going to dominate all of wiley's robots!
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    Sup guys

    Wow ready has come out of his hibernation!!! You still doing your mixes or did you give up on that ready?
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    That's it i am VERFIYED USER!

    Did we really need a thread to tell us this? I don't think so especially in the esf chat forum. *Closed*
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    Nominate a moderator!

    i vote Damaera. He is a good mod over at nnk for me and spends almost every minute of his life on these forums and could watch it more then anyone I can think of on this forum.
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    Your favorite JRPG

    Final Fantasy III(US) which is Final Fantasy VI(japan) huge amount of characters, great story backgrounds, the whole game was just one big masterpiece including the music soundtrack!
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    haha thanks, yeah it sucks getting older but I'm getting much wiser in the process though!

    haha thanks, yeah it sucks getting older but I'm getting much wiser in the process though!