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    Longest Relationship

    bout 7 years ms palmer n her 5 daughters have always been good to me so i try to keep the relationship in tact
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    Breakups suck, eh?

    pfft... i rkn just confront her talk to her have a serious talk as long as u no where u stand in the relationship u will feel beta... even if its bad news u wont feel as down as u do now u just have to get a chance to talk to her alone n try not to listen to much to her friends n...
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    Have you ever...

    have you ever made a stupid thread that ppl didnt understand what to post? i understood it tho... lol
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    gotenks for 1.3

    i rkn the gotenks doesnt need 3 transformations...... i edited the stats that joejustjoe posted... * Normal Form * Gotenks Starting PowerLevel: 700,000(you pick) Max Health: 120 Max Speed: 200 ATTACKS - Melee Ki Blast Generic Beam Galactic Donut Kamehameha * Transformation...
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    New Skin II

    neva seen gundam but thats a mad model i love it
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    where to find...

    i was wondering if any1 knew the cartoons Samurai Pizza Cats and Ninja Robots (aka Ninja senshi Tobikage) and if so.. do u no where i could get pics of em..... or even episodes i just want pics rilly but i cant find many large 1s
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    My First Model

    its finished, until i learn how to do skins n stuff but yeah this is enuf 4 me for now if u spot things ill fix em otherwise its done btw its not supposed to b any1, its a fictional character that i made up
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    FInal Fantasy SIG.

    its good but i just find it a little bit too dark hard to read the name on it
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    first sig i made

    im first n most likely last sig that i make took bout 30 mins if that im a noob to photoshop so....
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    My First Model

    this is the latest i fixed arms, made the top a bit loose, lowered the chest, tryed to fix the ass but eh.. and yeah i need tips on how to start the head cos its the only thing left to do
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    My First Model

    an update i tried to fix what u guys spotted and i added the legs n shoes naruto style shoes, dont no y but i just felt like using them now the head needs to b done.... *edit* does any1 have any tips on how to start a head....
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    My First Model

    i dont have a clue what ur talkin bout.... :laff: but i can fix the ass
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    My First Model

    yeah i started it yesterday yes it is my first model from scratch the only other thing ive done was some tuts but i got bored of them and that was bout 1 year ago its just a human model with a hooded vest and shorts i drew my own refs yesterday i did the vest n shorts and 2day i did the...
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    1.1 or 1.2?

    i cant beleive sum ppl dont like 1.2 how could u not i love it i hated the targeting melee system in 1.1 so crap 1.2 is so much beta and ppl are starting to use melee less in the servers so all in all its a great job cant wait for transformations n the ctdb mode to b done :yes: :yes...
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    one word story

    i cant believe this is still goin... Half-Life is a poopy, ugleh piece of cheese that constipates by milk. Zeppelin balloons pop and made Britain become bored. Then some French prostitutes burned Hibiki and ran through a nude bar rampantly, drinking coffee from half digested eye-balls...