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    The infamous asteroid...

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    The infamous asteroid...

    why spend money on destroying an asteroid when me and dudeman could take it out, me with some sort of ki move i have to master and him with his whatever ki move, and we could take t out, but if ya wanna talk ki then IM me on AIM at Maimed Magician and MSN at [email protected] OR ICQ at...
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    Final Fantasy 7 Characters

    i personnaly picked vincent cuz he is alot more my style, he acts like me in every way....well almost, cuz i dont fire heavy weapons :D
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    The infamous asteroid...

    seeing s doing ki moves are real that is possible dude, we could all practice to do some big ki move then when it finnaly comes to us we could use it to eithr blow it to little pieces or nock it off coarse and the meteor wouldnt make that big of an impact because it would burn in the...
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    how long would it take for me to dl ESF on a 56k modem????
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    Skinner/modeler Wanted!!!!

    nice pic, why dun you just invert the pics color
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    DBZ based movie Adrenaline Rush

    well if your making a "sort of" dbz movie then they should have saiyin armor that looks real and most likely is real, so in that case i cant wait to see a bunch of people running around in tights :D well there is also the fact that you have scouters, and i cant wait to see how they look in...
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    Wost Person in ALL ANIME

    I personaly think dbz's best person was Cell. He may have been beaten by gohan but he still could pull out every z-fighters move and then some. and i voted first and picked pickachu, and i would like to know who the hell voted Majin vegeta he waqs cool just because he had a fake tattoo M...
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    wife sick

    Hang in there, she will be juuuuussssttt fine, god will protect her
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    A day at the fights

    Dudeman666 Vs. Dudeman Dudeman666 steps into the ring and stretches out, looking about the ring. Then steped up Dudeman. They both almost looked the same...EXCEPT DIFFERENT (lol). The bell sounds and Dudeman starts with the first strike. Dudeman threw a bag of sand in Dudeman666's eyes...
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    Wost Person in ALL ANIME

    hey i forgot to add hat the majin vegeta can either be the one from the anime or the messege board one :D and i chose them based on my friends.
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    Wost Person in ALL ANIME

    Majin vegeta Pickachu Yuskei Yurameshi Sailor Moon (everyone)
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    A day at the fights

    Ok i am working on my writing skills so ive started this new i need ya peoples help please send me anybody from any type of TV show, Video Game, or whatever. That you would like to see fight then send me where you got them from then sen me a brief description of who it is...
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    New Website!!!

    well since this thread has someone advertising a site i mght as well to These are 2 of them they are both quite inactive so we need members to change that its a dbz rpg
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    must............have............mod *falls to ground almost dead*