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  • Thik ja bhebechhilam, tomar profile name-er ulto ta...prothome bhablam coincidence, akhon bolle bole sure holam.. :p
    Aamar naam Rajosik..(spelled "Rajosik", pronounced "Rajoshik") :)
    I highly doubt DBT will be able to acomplish anything ^^;

    Especially since the XML system busts a lot of AMXX features. They will need some heavy duty hacking skills to get round the XML system.
    I dont think 1.3 will have any addons.

    and the Goku renders are from the inteam. Though as the word says. They are renders meaning the pics were made using 3DS Max not from ingame.
    Movie Of The Moment

    Basicaly its a little movie we do every once in a while to make people see more than just an image.
    Not possible.

    SSJ 4 is locked in RC2. YOu need a CCI remake of Goku/Vegeta to unlock it.
    I know what you need to do. But no idea how to do it.

    You need to take another attack. A player cant have 2 of the same attacks. So Gohans Super Kamehameha was made by takiog final flash an d using the Kamehameha sprites for it. Thats what you need to do. Take another attack, change its sprites and give it to the char.

    How? No idea i never even toutched the CCI. I find it a horrible idea to add custom characters. People rip models all over the place and in the end only a fraction of characters is balanced, the rest is just overpowered.
    Yes STEAM is required and the tournament maker decides weather to use addons or not. But most people with access to a server to have a turnament on will probably say no addons and no transformations.
    Those tournaments were comunity events. So if the comunity makes a new one you can join then.

    I dont know if and when that would be though.
    Basically its an ESF tournament where people play 1 on 1 matches in an elimination tournament. But you are to late to join. All thats left in that tournament are 2 more matches to decide the winner.
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