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    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    I'd like to see something in this direction. :)
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    New video, esf 1.3 goku vs turles

    U are pretty good at making these videos, I'd really like to see more of those!!! Keep it up man I just subscribed you. :)
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    Little Taste of some of my Effects :D

    All I have to say to these effects is AWESOME! :D Keeeeeeeeep it up!!!!!!!
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    Beta testing

    Nice try at least :). But I think they know what has to be done and don't really need a tester right now. It's just my guess, but the hope dies at last! :)
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    [Old PotW] Light show

    Very nice Picture! :) But the sand in the midle picture looks a bit to bright. Anyway thank's a lot for the picture DeverZ!!! :D
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    I Guess We Should Vote for ESF?

    Will you post anything like that? :D ^that was a joke ^^
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    I Guess We Should Vote for ESF?

    Just voted for it, as always :D keep up the good work and take your time! :)
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    A message to the developers of Earth Special Forces

    Could someone please tell me what DMZ was? I never heard of it :).
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    [Old PotW] Destructo Disk - Krillin

    now that u mention it I see it too ;D
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    About ESF: Final xD

    I calculated it once when the game was around 70% done i guess, that was in January this year. It's probably coming out 2018 if it continues like the 10 years ago ^^. Maybe it takes more or less time, depending on the progress.
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    Android 17

    Mhm Maybe the RR mark on his right chest ^^. I have to agree with Reading Rainbow it really looks ver nice :).
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    Android 17

    Not bad :D, could you post an image from the back of 17, would be very kind :).
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    Consecutive Hits Streak

    Well as I thought about this critical hit idea, another one came up in my mind. It would be something like that: If you punsh him from the back(basic melee) then it does more damage then from the front or smtng like that.That would make it also more interesting maybe to try to teleport at the...
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    why do you like dragobaball z?

    1.Because it's awesome 2.It's not....yeah maybe it is....Idk 3.No need to awsner :)
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    I think you guys should release esf final instead of the full release

    If I just calculated it correctly then it could get realesed 2018, I calculated it with the year 2014 now and with the status (77%) of the game. BUT it could get faster released aswell as later released. That depends on how fast the progress will continue. Keep it up team! :D.