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    Hawki's Work

    I think you should make his text lime green like in the sig, Doesnt look right as purple. IMO.
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    android 16 WiP

    Eh, What do you mean. There is two people working on a soundpack and one is finished other is still working on one. lol
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    android 16 WiP

    Congrats that is the best model of Android_C16 i have seen yet. GJ! Release Date? <--- Love's Android_C16. :)
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    android 16 WiP

    Im sure once it get's skinned and all the hand's will look normal. As for Android_C16 taking piccolo's place, I guess i can deal with that. :)
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    android 16 WiP

    lol Well like i said i never seen Android_C16 use one attack, So i dont know about him taking Piccolos place. Sorry but i think thats a bad idea. Piccolo pwnz you. :)
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    My attempt at a Pro :/

    Its good I likes. GJ! Maybe we can see your work when you have time to finish and do what you like to it. :)
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    My attempt at a "Pro"

    I really like, As I like all of Ryoko's work. So Good Job!
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    My attempt at a "Pro"

    I really like, As I like all of Ryoko's work. So Good Job!
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    Ryoko and pro's take 2

    Very nice, I like the anime version. :D w00t! w00t! GJ!
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    Maybe I came out of block??

    Eh, I couldnt see the image's beside's the first one, And i really dont like it sorry. :(
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    Kama's CG Legion

    Its pretty tight, But why is the eye all purple? Other then that looks good. I love the felica one best. :p (Nice Arse :))
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    how u like it

    Eh, If your asking for the truth its not good at all. Now if you want me to lie, It owns. lmao... Maybe if you had 1 good image to cover the hole thing it may look better but I dont know, I just hate nascar. lolz
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    Very nice, Mad props. (/me wish i could do that :))
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    Demonic perception (Wall)

    <--- Agree's with Glenn. :p
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    android 16 WiP

    Very good job, I love it. I really think he sould replace Trunks seeing how he is a big melee player and very little beam whore. lolz IMO. But its not like when you get the file you cant rename it to which character you want to replace. Keep up the good job and let us all know when you release...