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    The great age of 18... at last

    Happy Birthday m8! Have a good one.
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    My Splash Screen

    thats nice man I'd use it if HL was installed lol.
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    Im back...

    Hmm Crusader I had mine at [email protected] but nice joe changed it maybe its one of the Admins jealous we love joe so much :p *edited in the name of common sense* Cheeseman [I dont appreciate what you typed, watch your step] :\
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    What Ive been working on Lately (new model)

    Tats very nice man keep it up and keep on pimpin
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    can u make me a....

    I say what til Beta it'll prolyl be out in then ext month IMO. But dun hold me to that. BTW nice triple post the mods will be on your ass soon...
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    Another again!

    Thats what I meen... God I can beat the game in 6-7 hours easly
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    Another again!

    pffft walkihngveverywheres would take like 50 hours cause you'd have to walk one way in the feild turn aroudn and come back like cuttign the lawn ;/
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    Another again!

    Umm I dunno what your talking obut but Ocarina of time was really easy and its not complicatedo nly hard part is the Water Temple takes me about 2 hours to get to adult link 3 hours to get to last temple and about 1 hour to get everything geez not a hard game...
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    Powers that transformation yeilds

    That is Lame no spirit bomb? WTF he does it twice that I can remember while SSJ in the show andi n a movie... so that s0x0r0z IMO
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    Another again!

    WTF no Zelda is easy I can beat it in 6 hours and get everything in at most 8 hours pfft to easy. but was a very good game. First time threw gettng everything: 14 hours Second:10 third:around 6-7 hours now its soooo easy notthing like FF games for the psx and ps2
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    "Break Up"

    No it isn't he may of said that but in the WARNING anncument thing it doesn't say no Advertising if you'd read what ChimpBot posted in it you'll see.
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    Some DBZ Models ive been doing...(A few)

    Hey well you always know what ya can do if you dun get a job at IBM ;)
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    My take of the Fusion problem.

    Thank you Hiro. thats wehat I was thinking Its what suggestions are for to post what you think might bring the mod to a better level
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    Another again!

    Hmm lol I knwo this is a late post but I forgot about this Thread. /Me Stupid I was tlaking about which is better Sony or Nintendo. Which has better quality. and os on not just the systems I got tired of that. Also it seems Sony won in this fourm thats just these forums
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    GCN Games dat are cool

    Ghost you read my mind perfectly. BTW Mario 64 was good