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    Kid Buu: WIP

    yep... busted.
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    SSJ Goku WIP (now the skin- thread^^)

    on topic: You could try using a cel to make the face skin? To get a look similar to Darksun's Krillin. off topic: zelda, you ass, S-Bolt-- made an ownage Gotenks.
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    Maybe BD- Goku (normal- SS3, maybe also SS4) WIP

    From the first body pic, his shoulds are lookin teh huge! Anyways it's coming along nicely :D
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    Bojack Gohan Reskin

    How would ~that~ affect his hair? Shut up man, that was pointless. I like it, but the folds on his vest are too obvious, maybe a slight tone down?
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    GateRoom (SG1)

    lol, not bad mate. Are you going to use some txtures from the actual show?
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    ItS Time

    That's not SSJ5 dammit, that is an artists conception of Goku, a dude called Tico drew it in 2002, along with a Gohan and Vegeta. SSJ5 doesn't exist, so just stop arguing about which 'is the real one'.But this is going off topic. About the model, those two bits of fur that come across the top...
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    Gotenks SSJ4 inproved and better

    Something about that chest skin reminds me of Element4q2's SSJ4 Goku.
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    {WIP} Frieza Form 4

    Also, if you look at the model from behind, you can see that the skin doesn't quite fit to his left ear, his 'ear-hole' is more towards to back of his head.
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    Who makes the best Gogeta- Skin?!

    On the MS3D viewer, if you zoom in and look on the left side of his vest here's a hole. Doesn't really matter, you won't see it in game, but it was just there in the corner of my eye, lol. Good luck ^^
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    RVD's Goku

    Just with a quick glance I instantly noticed more than a few errors; 1. His head is shaped like this \/ o_O 2. He's nowhere near bulky enough to be Goku, especially around his chest and arms. 3. From the side view his chest has no shape, he's totally flat. 4. The boots just aren't Goku...
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    Gogeta VIP2!!!!!!!

    Kreshi, the face is beautiful, very well done dude. I think you got the bang just right ^_^ keep updating, if this is your 2nd model you have some real talent that's coming out =P
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    Pan Re-Skin WIP

    Gotta love those dark-brown stickin out ears on Pan ^_^ lol, she's got pointy socks too =P
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    EEA new frieza

    Yeah great job, you seem to have done the feet just right, which almost nobody has done before, lol, and that was really annoying >.< but you seem to've got Frieza just right. As Ice Man said, good job on the skin too, not overdone with all that shiny stuff. Nice job :D
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    Combo moves

    I dunno... the combined beam of two players could amount to a PL much greater than anyone else on the server could block, which could give huge disadvantages and surely make the game one-sided.
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    one big melee

    Yeah, like shadow_wolf said, just like they are programming for the CTDB mode, where you walk over a DB and pick it up, for instance (when fighting Hildegarn) one player could distract Hildegarn by blasting him, while the other swoops in and drags Tapion away into a derelict building or...