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    the truth about the world today...

    Your absolutely right! Now all we have to do is to stop this... not that easy though. But there are many ways. I already gave some suggestions. Anyone else?
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    the truth about the world today...

    .....this topic is not about when we are going to die Renzo. It's about how we can make the world a better place. Thanks for not closing this down Miroku, I think this is quiete important. We can all start doing good by ourselves. I for one, post my article all over the internet and I hope that...
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    the truth about the world today...

    A few months have passed, and I still believe in this. I'm not making propoganda for communism, but I think that many conflicts can be solved without fighting. Anyone thinks otherwise?
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    can someone tell me whats happening here?

    Or not. If she likes you, you stand a good chance, if not, be a good friend to her, and evantualy she'll like you!
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    the truth about the world today...

    1: someone has his caps lock on. putt it off. 2: Mayby I can't handle te whole truth, butt as I said, not all things must be kept secret. 3: Thanks for all your comment! I like dicussions like this one's!
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    the truth about the world today...

    Hmmmm... this is getting interesting. The reason why I chose the title "Life is a lie" is because I wrote it in three parts, the title belonging to the first part, because it was about the goverment lieing. Cigarets infect the enviroment. The inviroment are the three's, the animals, the...
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    the truth about the world today...

    <warning! Bother reading this all, it is worth it!!!!> life is a lie this is the truth. why you ask? No president nor king nor queen will tell the whole truth to the people: the people would get angry, and choose an other leader. Do you really think Bush would tell the whole truth...
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    I need YOUR help

    Does anyone know some software that alows you to play playstation two games on the computer? please respond.o_o
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    waypoints for ESF-bot

    Hey I downloaded them. I'm gonna trie them, but please, go on with youre work.:rolleyes: ps mods, make this a sticky. you can download something important for esf here!:D
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    The ESF-Bot

    ok, the bot's are going to be released. great. BUT WHEN!? what's the release date?
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    When do the bots come out

    When do the bot's come out and play?:rolleyes: And please don't give me that awnser "when there done"!:D
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    Thoughts on beta1

    I haen't played the game yet, but reading the forum I dicover there are quite a few bugs in the Beta.;/ Hope the game is good tho:)
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    WHEN IS IT RELEASED IN ______? (where you live)

    yo dutch ppl my time is now 20:57 beta is downloadebel at 3:00 6:03 left just so you guys know;)
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    The ESF-Bot

    bot's transform?:shocked: WHO then they are good! but ehhh........when do these bot's come out? (II've heard that these bot's don't come with the beta)
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    The good ole days..

    O yes, those good old days... I have been reading these forems for over a year now, and I still like them.