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    I really hope Americans arent this stupid.....

    I'd like to answer your question, Kynetik: No, not all americans are this stupid.
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    An interesting read

    Whoever said fascism died needs to be anally probed right now.
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    Forum Talk: Cleaning Up The Clutter

    This part is the only one I disagree with. The rest is pretty sensible.
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    *** Marriage and Religion

    Well, here's the thing. If you 'force' a priest/minister/whatever to marry a *** couple, then you'd no longer be able to say "It's alright to be *** as long as it doesn't effect other people." Why? Because if that priest would agree to marrying the aforementioned *** couple, he'd be a sinner in...
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    What are you listening to now?

    Metsatoll - Veresulased
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    I'm in need of a logo for my band.

    Well basically, this is just a kind of logo that we'll use on our MySpace page and similar places. If I'm in need of an album/demo cover, and I decide to search for help here, I'll make a new thread about it, or if this one doesn't die, I might post the request here too. But right now, I'm not...
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    I'm in need of a logo for my band.

    That's great, man! Only thing that bothers me is the text. Is it possible for you to give me a copy of it without the text on? If you saved the .psd, of course. If not, just link me to that render you used, and I'll see if I (or someone else) can re-create that background you did.
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    I'm in need of a logo for my band.

    Alright, I noticed that this section of the forum isn't very active lately, which is a shame since there are (I think) a lot of gifted artists here. Nevertheless, I thought I'd ask someone to do me a little favor. My heavy metal band "Infernal Form" just launched, and we're in the process of...
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    Immortality is Just Around the Corner

    To everyone that thinks this could make us live forever, you're forgetting one thing. Cells of the body's nervous system don't have the ability to multiply. All cells die out sooner or later, and other bodily cells compensate for this by multiplying, but eventually all your nervous cells would...