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    VAC + ESF + Linux

    Yes, this is the emulator (cedega, wine, winex). I just used those cheats like sv_cheats 1, god, noclip, etc. I DIDNT USE ANY PROGRAM TO CHEAT, I got surprised when steam said about my account was banned due cheating and I have no idea what program is used to cheat. Ive played Half-Life...
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    VAC + ESF + Linux

    No way! I never cheat, I just used the regular HL cheat while playing alone LOL! My password is very long and confused, that was a short period of time, I dont think it could be a hacker. Now, I just have my gold account. I was wondering if its something with the Windows...
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    VAC + ESF + Linux

    Hail guys, I got two accounts, one with everything, and other with Half-Life1 and ESF. After a couple of hours I got it working with my Linux Slackware 10.1. Well, its a clean install, I was playing arround, logged-off and when I tried play again in any server the steam said something about I...
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    Esf 1.23 crash

    Yay, I have the exact same problem, isnt my computer! Athlon XP Mobile 2500+ Asus A7N8E Deluxe 2GB DDR400 Dual Channel 2X HD 160gb 8mb buffer Geforce FX 5200 128mb 128bits WinXP Pro + SP2 Well, in my Duron 900Mhz works well without crashes. AMD Duron 900Mhz Asus A7V8X-X 512MB...