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    next esf.....

    who do u guyd think would be cool to ahve in the next esf? I think Brolly would be pretty sweet, or have small trunks and goten, OR MAYBE HERCULE!!!!
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    hey are there any servers for esf someone can tell me about
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    hehe fnny thought

    I think it woulda been funny if u tried to shoot the dragon then its eyes would glow and u would die
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    party time for game?

    I was wondering if the party is wen its being released at those times
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    hey guys

    thanks for clearin stuff up for me it helped me out alot so i now know not to say esf 2.0 beta and now esf beta 1, and i cant wait till esf beata comes out
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    Esf2.0 Beta

    cuz there was esf 2.0 and now the esf 2.0 beta1 is coming out
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    Esf2.0 Beta

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    Esf2.0 Beta

    it says redsain doesnt exist, odd....
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    Esf2.0 Beta

    where would some other places i could search to redl esf? so just to mkae sure it inst just the mirror that is on the esf mainpage thast screwin me up. so in other words the beat should come out pretty much anytime?
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    Esf2.0 Beta

    Hey guys i was wondering when exactly esf 2.0 beta was coming out, cuz my esf alpha is all screwed up now. so just curious