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    PC Problems-Need Help!

    It's not my keyboard, I tried a new keyboard and still had the same problem.
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    PC Problems-Need Help!

    I need helping fixing my pc, here is a description of the problems. It happens when I play swg, HL1, or Path of Neo. When ever I hold a direction key to long (WASD), my computer character gets locked in that direction. I try doing other actions while it's moving in the last direction I pushed...
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    Scrimmage Shot

    This is intresting (also watching everyone lose their minds). Are you going to pust some shows of the melee struggles and how the adv. melee system looks on both player sides. (Yes, I have read the manual, just wanted to get pictures wth a little more detail.)
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    Picollo finished 100%

    I thought it was the shadow of the his arm on the cape
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    l Challenge U

    Hm, he MUST be new. He hasn't seen some of ESF greatest yet, has he?
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    HOWing, what's your take?

    Well, this is only a b1.1 flaw, 1.2 is on its way. I am sure the team has already talked about this have already made a better melee system.
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    HOWing, what's your take?

    GMan, I agree with you totally. I think everyone should read what this and take that into consideration. This should also go for other bugs that give you an edge on combat.This totally makes sense. I personally do think so.
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    Well being who I am, I been called a scripter/hacker/*** and etc because of obvious reasons. Couldn't we add Cheating-Death to esforces, cause being called a hacker is funny the first few minutes than its gets boring, than annoying, than offending...
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    Anti-HOWing Tactics

    I was that 1 Person that Knew, Tee Hee, I learned from chasing people and knocking around, I see them block but they still get hit. I learned that if someone hows, get in close, to swooping but just regular flying thatn tele in hit, or swoop to side un til you pass them than turn around and hit...
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    my esf beta 5.0 prediction

    Very Kool, Doubt it'll be a 5.0 but if that gets added before...itll be to great.
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    Why no gt and movie guys??

    Yea I agree, it was just sad the way freiza flirted with Goku...and he calls himself a man...I think.
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    ESF's Goals and Ideas.

    LEave the game =) but your biggest concern should be the OOZARU!!!
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    ESF's Goals and Ideas.

    Hm, well this is getting way off-topic, but what are ESF Goals and Ideas?
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    ESF's Goals and Ideas.

    Ok, I am not saying it needs to exactly like the show, but I just feel that this would give it a bigger dbz feel. And plus it'll make ESF stand out from alot other dbz mods. but, I really would like to hear a reponse fromthe team.
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    why descent??

    Well, do you know HOW Buu got his power? Through absorbing SSJ3Gotenks,Mystic Gohan, and Piccolo. Now SSJ3 Gotenks+Piccolo is more than enough to beat Ssj3 Goku. and Plus with Mystic Gohan? Well anyway, Buu got that power through absorbing the others(eating donuts ingame) Just keep buu from...