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    Updated KI Pool System - LSSJ/Bandit

    This wouldnt work very well, first it would slow the pace of the game, players would now have to limp around when they fully used their ki waitting for "teammates" to give them energy ? Id rather manage the ki resources myself. Also the suggestion to carry players to safety, there is no safety...
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    Cell rendering model for son Goku

    Looks better than i thought it would dude, really nice !!
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    Advice on melee combat

    Cant be done, ESF Final wont have automatic target system.
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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    Aaaaaand if they make a new game they can make their original thing and actually sell it, which will give them more motivation to maybe put a little bit more time and work on it.
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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    Yeah big boy hacker demonu will teach us how to play esf on official servers without official half life. Tell you what, go on the server list of your hacked cs 1.6 hl and search for esf servers, take a screen shot and post it, guaranteed you wont see some of the servers because you need...
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    The ESF Final is dead ?

    Very few severs work with pirated cs or pirated hl on 1.2.3 , most of them u cant get in without official half life and in esf final most likely you wont be able to enter 1. Plus half life gets to 1,75 euro on steam when its on sale, not hard to get it and most players who want to play this...
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    BEE game Character WIP

    Indeed, looks more menacing than all the suepr villans combined
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    Power levels?

    PL will make a difference in power yes, but it will be balanced and the advantage it gives you is minimal if the other guy knows how to play. Pl doesnt affect speed tho, transformations do.
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    reference pictures for esf

    Afraid not, they use original models made by them.
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    Older Build

    Theres open beta 1.3 but the beams arent like that.
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    Change Stances

    There was a thread suggesting something like this, but dont think it got too far. Anyway the team most likely wont add this cause they already got the gameplay done for the most part and if they do change it it will probably minor changes like swoop speed etc.
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    OLD ECX+AF CHars

    These look awfull
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    Some settings to low's PC or Medium...

    If im not mistaken there will be indeed options to reduce the graphics.
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    Anger Meter

    Just because dbz has it doesnt mean it should be in this game or any game that wants to be competitive. This game already rewards you a little bit if you are not doing that good ( you get more pl the stronger your enemy is and he gets much less ) and thats good enough. ESF already has a good...
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    Anger Meter

    Rewarding players for getting beat up that much is super unfair and should never be encouraged in a game like this anyway.