I am the darkest corner of your mind.

I am the cruelty hidden in your heart.

I am savagery. I am rage. I am hate.

Every murder you imagine, every bleeding fantasy.. EVERY VENGEANCE.

Every repressed urge and unrealized perversion..

I am all of these...

Every intelligent creature turns it's tools to murder eventually...

I am there.. in the sweat, and the blood, and the inertia of an action that once done... cannot be undone.

I am hunger.

The energy released by a life extinguished is my food.

Strife the wine with which I drink it down!

The geography of dreams differed and love unrequited mirror the sublime hills and valleys of my brainwaves.

I am no mere force of nature, no phenomenon to be studied, codified, or circumvented by the inventiveness of lesser beings!

I am the dense unfathomable insanity of a possessed mind.

Entropy - Decay - Death, are things of the natural order, petty corporeal facsimiles of my will.


Peace... in an endless emptiness.

The Heart & Totality of which I alone encompass!

I.. am Nebulis

Reading/Writing, Listening, Observing, Music, Fighting, All things Dark and Evil, nature, Perception
Las Vegas, Nevada
Stage Tech // Freelance Thinker // Altruism




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