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    'gfx/shell/btns_main.bmp' error

    oh i didnt update i shud try that. and yes i did run halflife once before i installed ESF i just tried to update and it said there were none avalible
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    'gfx/shell/btns_main.bmp' error

    yes im using steam. and i have retried installing 4 times maybe more. and when i look for the file its there but i dont know why it wont open it. im using esf1.2.3. oh also when the windows comes up it comes up as a half-life program window
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    'gfx/shell/btns_main.bmp' error

    when i try to open it it says please help me
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    Help it still wont let me install ESF

    i have esf installed and half-life, but when i try to open it it opens half life not esf. what did i do wrong?