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    good point thnx
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    Well i am board so i went to the msn chat rooms at becuz my g/f was away i guesse it was time 2 have fun ;) so i went in and this person msges me like asl all girl like wanting 2 be my g/f and i know them sorta from skool lol what are the chances! so i tell them all the info about them...
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    wife sick

    sorry 2 hear that man thats hard i know how it feels when my g/f got really sick and almost died
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    me 2 :laff: i am 13 where do u live zero maybe i can play u cs some time
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    Well the Forums are back up

    maybe ur i agree with SPiN :laff:
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    Wost Person in ALL ANIME

    i argree totaly vegeta is one of my favourite charecters anime besdies futrue trunks with his bad attitude
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    Well yes the cost whould be high and u whould have 2 get everything perfect which is hard
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    Trunks Special

    it is not warez if i bought it first :p
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    Trunks Special

    4 u ppl that haven't seen the trunks special i am going 2 host it on my site in full english ill give the first copy 2 cucumba :D or chip o_o ;/ /me kicks j00 in the head Cucumba
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    Bid For Power Quake 3 mod

    and the models are not from dbz
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    See this movie!

    thats cool how did he do that?
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    crap systems

    286 2 ram no cd drive 50kb hd 1 meg video card Go Goodwill !!!! :laff:
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    ok thanks guys
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    Click here for a laugh
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