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    Only certain people will remember this.

    The ones i like are actually in my playlist lol Everytime they come on feels good. Takes me right back to afm.
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    Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

    I'd say it should work as the spirit bomb works in the anime. Once goku fires it he has to keep pushing the bomb forward. Like against buu. Or like against Jiren in super. and weaker ball attacks should get destroyed as it does now in esf. While the stronger ones go into struggle and leave the...
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    Nvidia Ansel

    Hey, i'm not too sure how hard it is to implement ansel... don't even think i'll work in online games but maybe singleplayer might. just bought andromeda and i'm having fun with ansel so i was just wondering.
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    question: will destruction of the maps will be available in game ?

    NVM didn't think this trough...
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    Frontpage Earth's Special Forces trailer- Saiyan Trio

    Looks very nice. But What happened to this part? Except for the yellow aura covering the characters i did not see any hair flashing like in the other trailer. Also, That last spirit bomb part, wtf. sucks it isn't like it's gonna be but dayum, If there are...
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    GTX 970 G1 gaming Can run everything!

    Ryokeen, you able to make a tech trailer for esf? Would love to see what you actually achieved on the hl engine now.
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    Social appeal of ESF's community

    last official vid is like a month ago tho. Go watch dalte's dev vid.