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    10 Year Club Party

    Congrats! With all of it! Guess I too am allowed to post here. Has it been 10 years already?! Holy sweet macaroni!
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    Play-able characters

    I might be saying something stupid here, but wasn't it easier with the new character system and the way it handles models and model-replacements? Or am I confusing something?
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    we use to be so close

    Actually I tried a bunch of different sources via google a day or so ago. Eventually I did indeed find a rapidshare link but the first 5-7 hits were all leading back to gamefront or esfWorld, which are all broken. Even modDB doesn't have the 1.2.3 on their own database, just the open beta final...
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    Google Fiber Has Real World Speeds of 700 Mbps

    That is slightly interesting as even N-link routers mostly cap out around 150 mbps. As for the price of fiber; it's cheap and it's fast. Doesn't surprise me. Glad US people finally get some decent infrastructure, docsis 2 was killing you guys :)
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    Where is everyone playing??

    Pretty sure it was, but we'll agree to disagree. My point is; I play up until I'm no longer having fun at which point I will change server type.
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    Where is everyone playing??

    Thing is, I play for my enjoyment. I do actually enjoy a good challenge, it's just that when people hit me 5 times in a row and teleport precisely behind me every single time, that is no longer a question of skill. That's a script. And it's when I choose to leave.
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    New member! Introducing myself.

    Welcome! Hope you'll have as much fun here as we've been having over the past years!
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    Where is everyone playing??

    I occasionally visit public servers until I meet the ones that script and aimbot so many commands together they rank up with 30 kills in 3 minutes. Then I go back to my private servers on hamachi with my friends :)
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    Can you do a Demo of Esf Final?

    Apparently over 9 years :P Considering we're all here and such :D I can do another...2! Then I'm long gone on Star Citizen :P
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    Mobile Convo's - Join the party.

    I say we get Damaera's number and post it in a coffee shop!
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    Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer

    What I don't get, according to what some friends told me, is why I need to pay extra or for DLC to even get the multiplayer on PC. Standard version and digital deluxe won't even have multiplayer included until you get the special editions.
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    Windows 8 - Lacking permissions to write in C (root)

    After wrecking 3 keyboards because of the insanity that putting a touchscreen menu on a non-touchscreen device is; found the problem and can fix it but it has a downside. The problem in windows 8 is that we can't completely disable (or suppress) User Account Control. According to people more...
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    Windows 8 - Lacking permissions to write in C (root)

    Wasn't a copy\paste, but it was a paraphrase, thank you very much. And you didn't mention anything about UAC being disabled, so I thought I'd mention it. As for you not running a program. Right; then how would you be saving a file then? Magic? In any case, I'm installing Windows 8 to a VM as we...
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    Windows 8 - Lacking permissions to write in C (root)

    Disable UAC. If that doesn't work you need to run your program as Administrator through the security\compatitiblity settings. Ever since Vista, Windows has basically had two administrator-types. There's the default one, that you can assign with usergroups etc. The one from Windows XP and before...
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    creating server problem

    So what you're saying is, you prefer something different (In both cases). I concede that point good sir!