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    Ok I Have Had Enough Of This Crap!

    that used to happen to me, but then it just stopped and it hasn't done it at all after that, don't ask me how i fixed it
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    Where to find Server IPS

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    server close to home

    Hey I live in New Zealand so i get really crap pings when it comes to playing online so if someone could, could they please make a dedicated like in NZ or like in aus so something which is close enough to us thanx a bundle guys ESF Beta IS THE BEST MOD EVA FOR HL!!!
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    Help Me Plz

    im on win98 se and i have that same problem
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    This Doesent Make Any Sense

    Nah man i tried all that and it still says the same old stuff and its really annoying!!! ;(
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    Custom game prob!!!

    I have had no problems with this so far but when i try to play on the internet, it says that i have to install the custom game, but ive already played it on lan and it works perfectly so wtf is up with that can someone plz help!!! thankz lot
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    Can someone explain timezones

    Im in New Zealand what timezone would i be in?