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    Can't transform with BETA

    But my friends are fighting the whole time, during I'm here in the forum... but their CF [green energy] doesn't grow up...
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    Can't transform with BETA

    How i get certain power?
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    Please Help, Another Transformin Question...

    I've the same problem! But i don't know how it works...
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    Can't transform with BETA

    I installed the BETA without the SSJ-Script... now i must transform to ssj, etc... but i can't i think i must use the key for ascend / descend but nothing happen... why?
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    I saw very excelletnt pictures in the gallery and the news, from a SSJ and Buu and a new Menu while playing and a radar like the scouter... but i donloaded the esf20.exe and there aren't these things... where are they? must i download a seperated file? which?