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    Hi the n00b is back with a tien Model..! give critz

    It kinda looks like he is starting to do the limbo, maybe straighten his posture a bit?
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    Majin Booh!

    Well whoever you get to skin your buu, dont use the person who skinned your goku. ;D
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    Guldo in 1.3 ?

    I figured he would be involved in an attack that Ginyu will have. o_o
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    New Skeleton and Animations

    Welp. Try and dload it from here. Just be sure to rename it to if need be and that should do it. :smile:
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    New Skeleton and Animations

    I liked the Piccolo one in particular; his cape is to die for. His antennae and pants wafting in the wind, great stuff! :laff:
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    Steam Porblem.. plz help

    He ment his Antivirus CD, not steam. Try this online virus scan just incase. As for the HDD health i would try Norton Utilities if anything.
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    New Skeleton and Animations

    Ya know what? That happened to me as well when i dloaded it with IE the first time. Try and dload it with firefox or another browser and see if that works, that's what i did.
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    Yer not gonna find any servers up using WON since they took the dive however. :p
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    Good reflexes or am i doin sometin wrong?

    As for the red target and locking onto them, no you cant lock onto them. I feel your pain though Hyper Chi. :p With all the basic melee'ers ive been hoping for a few changes towards it, but i dont wanna rant. Ive read a few forums related towards it and have seen some pretty promising ideas...
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    New Skeleton and Animations

    Great lookin models there Darktooth. Such smooth running and walking :yes: It's always the little eye candy that makes the game just that much better. :]
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    Happy 21st Mastasurf!

    Happy 21st Mastasurf! :cool:
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    Dance Dance Revolution

    Bah @ console ddr games! ;/ Just dload Stepmania, get a USB adapter, and vola! All the songs you could ever play at your fingertips, or foot-tips...? :p
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    Tien for the esf Contest.

    Nice model and skin! :yes: Now everyone keep this thread from dying so someone decides to animate it. :laff:
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    Discussion:Prepunch/teleport attack

    Most excellent agreement! Perhaps instead of adding delays and restrictions they could add a more complicated secondary melee system. :yes: No ideas really come to mind as to how it might work so suggestions are welcome. :smile:
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    Discussion:Prepunch/teleport attack

    Well if anything i think that there should be a delay between when the player can kick you again with simple melee so that he dosent kick you more than once. But that's just my opinion. :rolleyes: