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    cool :D yeah i hope sensu beans spawn in there... is there a way to make it so u cant walk on the bottom of the level?
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    When was Kame Torpedo Used?

    Um i havnt seen the whole series of dbz for quite some time... but when was the kame torpedo actually used in the show, i cant remember it...
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    Tutorial level

    it would be a nice feature. i remember my first time playing. i was going WTF... WTF...WTF... how do i transform lol. you could put it on a north kai planet level, or a roshi island level. or if you wanted to do it extreme even make another model of goku when he was little and set it as if it...
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    YEAH!! A volcano map!

    exactly what i was going to suggest Jariroth. Trust me it will look much better. cos now it wont just jut out of no where. Youve inspired me to make a volcano map now :P (dont worry i can only map for ut2k4 so dont worry :P)
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    New PotW

    sweet! do you know how long ive waited for this
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    so thats a glitch? lol, nice what was it sposed to be doing?
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    Love's Wind I + II

    ok thanks for the tip... ill try and add more detail like that in my next one.
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    Love's Wind I + II

    A Naruto Spin off. It is the same time, same place, diffrent people, diffrent story. Enjoy. I posted here because there is a lot of fan fic fans and fight club fans here. here is volume one and two of the story. Now be nice this is my first and second go at writing something like this :D...
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    fight agains level

    ive always like that effect in lemmingball z i think it would be good. would dynamic lighting really be that much of a lag creator
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    NTP/KSF Naruto maps by Squishy (DL inside)

    now you scared me. :P i wanted to see em oh well screenies will have to do.
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    Neji [WIP]

    it's looking nice. but you should try to get rid of the line in the middle
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    a program i need

    i was just wondering wether there is such a program witch lets me put a reminder into it and when that day/time comes it will have a little pop up which tells me what i wanted to remember. any1 know??? i could really use a program like that or similer like the stickys u can use on mac's
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    stupid idea that just came up in meh...ginyu..

    yeah this idea rocks that would be funny as but u would have to even up his attacks so they are strong so that it makes up for this thing so make the body switch powerful some how
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    New melee system

    i havent read this whole thread so i dont know what improvements have come up bu i think its preety ausome from just reading the first post good work dude
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    I got the 1.21 you?

    y r u here then??? yeah i got it but steam somehow deleated all my mods including ESF so i cant play... maybe tomorrow i can get it :)