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    English...Or ...Japanese?

    I can speak some Japanese... I can undersand most of it... but I absolutely hate the Jap sound pack. Just a little bit too whiny sounding for my tastes. I mean... supposed to be super-human fighters right? O_o English is better !
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    I was right :laff: Just waited a lil too long to edit.... :S
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    Actually.. there are a few maps that require this. Strange that I can't find anywhere to get this wad file tho. If it's required you'd think it'd be in a map pack somewhere, but it isn't... Where do we get it? Just a thought. Could it be possible that this file was in ESF 1.1? I...
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    one word story

    Earth was doomed thanks to no one's silly shoes. Suddenly, Super Vegetto smashed the hell out through a glass Frito. Suddenly, Darksun modelled NeLo naked, then [eD]! laughed, but the gigantic WANG slapped [eD]!'s face, but it didn't damage Nacho-man's eye, j/k. Batman randomly shot frijoles...
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    What is That???

    Huh... I have a key bound to voice chat, but it never works. I guess the servers just have voice disabled then?
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    I think that's because it is running smoother... They updated a few things in the graphics engine. Better network code. Better interface. Just better.... everything. Only thing I can see that may be abd about it is that broadband is pretty much required. I can't see anybody on dial-up...
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    Esf People

    Hey... I support the littlest character there is. He's know as the weakest (crappiest) character, but Krillin is still my favorite... Dunno why. Maybe it's that shiny head. O_o
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    Esf People

    For me, I'd say Krillin. I just like what his speed is at, and I can beat pretty much everybody when I use him. Best part is when you transform. Then it gets just a little too easy. :D
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    What is That???

    I think he wanted to know what VOICE means... From what I remember reading recently, this means we can now use voice chat in ESF. If this is a good thing or a bad thing... I have no idea. I just keep imagining somebody with a squeeky voice yelling "Kamehameha" over the microphone. lol
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    Since you asked me so nicely... I've been using Steam exclusively ever since it was officially released. I have never experienced a single problem with it other than not being able to log into the Friends server sometimes. I haven't had the original CD version of Half-Life installed on my...
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    CS:CZ and ESF

    You people are asses... all I'm going to say
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    ESF on Steam (this is NOT a problem i have)

    I think it'd be a great idea to make this an official Steam mod. It would make updates much easier becase they could release tiny updates to whatever portion they wanted to fix instead of waiting for a whole new version to be done.
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    CDKEY help and beta 1.2 advanced meele comments , questions

    Uhm... Blue Shift's CD Key DOES work online... I've been using my BS key for over a year now, and it seems to work just fine. And Blue Shift is only 5 bucks where I live, so all you gotta do is buy that, get steam, and you get everything for Half-Life for 5 dollars... Just got 4 of my friends to...
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    esf team read! hl going to steam

    Here's what the news message at Planet Half-Life said: This means you are NOT playing Half-Life without actually owning it! I think this is great. I for one like steam, but then again I have a 3mbps cable connection ang a 2.6ghz pc... but the half-life upgrades are totally worth it. On...
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    Spelledge.... or Devil... whatever u wanna call him

    ya i know.. i just looked.. lol. Shoulda looked before posting.. Now i guess i know what has to be done eh? We'll see if he's still around tomorrow.. lol