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    New siggar

    its either Alte there has bad eyes or just me that has super vision O_O
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    Teh New Siggyness o/

    heh... nice going [SAS]Orion.... well its great...
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    Redo Special Beam Cannon.....

    does anyone know wich program u needs to make sprites? for hl and its moooods
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    The Downloads

    there should be an kind of link tekst down in the left corner of the download.... dont press the pop up thing... just press the link down in the left corner... that should do the trick
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    Question about CTDB mode

    you might have the same problem as me.... try open ur console and write gamemode 3 i think.... or else it is mp-sv_gamemode.... but anyways... the write changelevel (the map u whant to play)... if that doesnt work i dunno....
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    2 bugs...couldnt find in mantis tracker

    hmm... what about the sensu beans? will they be fixed in 1.3?
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    Strange Power

    you cant get em or find em unleas u have a file u can find on the net but.. they are good to have
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    hmmm.... C-M|DIST.... Mik... ^ ^ \ / my names
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    What is Everyone's Names?

    hmmm.... I just uses C-M|DIST
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    MY sig!!!!

    hmmm.... I think its ok ´.... better have been seen but ok... is at least what ill give him..... else would be a shame... its just about practise.... some does it on a pc and other does it in hand.... Like me :)
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    new attack

    I somehow think it sound good... but it need more work..... the idea of when transforming it would come... thats a good one but i think it should be an attack too but not more powerfull than a trow(max).... but with more work I think it could turn out pretty good.....
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    ultra ssj

    yeah but put that under suggestions..... and yeah... u should keep the speed of a super saiyan but get much stronger!
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    mp3 no worky

    hmmm..... if u has set it on in the options menu i dont know whats wrong....
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    Goku and Trunks for download.

    damn whats the name of the program ur using for this kind of modeling?
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    Beam graphic bug..

    njaaa its not that bad.... i think they done a great job making the models :D