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    1st wallpaper ever

    It isn't bad for a first, bit to plain and basic tho
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    Romeo & juilet done right

    I played Tybalt and Meggedo was romeo. We did the duel ninja style :P
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    I going away for a while

    I'm back Easter holidays in 3 day.
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    one of my better wallpapers

    Awesome, two thumbs up. :yes: :yes: Just one question I really like the Bg how did you make it? looks like somthing with a radial blur.
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    Romeo & juilet done right

    Friar Lawrence = KANE (From Tenchi movie) Mercution = Vash Because they're both crazy Tybalt = Knives because they like to kill things Balthasar = Master Roshi because they are both perv on things Capulet = Mr T Romeo = Jet Li
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    Jet Lee

    Well Jet Li and Jackie Chan are doing a movie together soon and they'll probably fight in that... which will be pretty cool even if it is scripted. But here is a fight I'd like to see Jackie Chan + Burce Lee + Jet Li VS Wong Fei Hong P.S. Yes he is real
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    Your favirote Final Fantasy

    FF8 with the squall and the gun blade and the feather lady and mrs four eyes who likes squall and the gunblade...
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    Jet Lee

    Yeah we can't tell who is the better fighter just by watching their movies and reading about them. Jachie Chan movies are really based around comedy more than martial arts. But one thing is for sure (and meggedo will agree with me) Wong Fei Hung coulf beat all three teamed against him :)
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    Pommy first background

    That look awesome, I wish I was as good as you, but the colour burn looks weird IMO.
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    Pommy first background

    That look awesome, I wish I was as good as you, but the colour burn looks weird IMO.
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    What is the best anime?

    1.The amazing adventures of Plastic man the man made from plastic. 2.Tenchi 3.Evangelion 4.Trigun 5.Princess Witch stab the whitch princess who will stab your shins.
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    Artwork Tutorials

    Umm... Why would anyone need a tutorial to use paint?
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    See What You Can Do With Paint!!!

    OK! OK!:cry: I admmit t that work of aet was by meggedo, I have been exposed as an art ripper.
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    My first real attempt at anime

    She? lol the face must be really bad, oh well thanks for the advice anyway everyone. oh and sorry for my long absence I kept going to and getting a 404 error and I thought the site was still down :p.
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    See What You Can Do With Paint!!!

    Omg that's awesome, a background in ms paint? anyway I like it a lot it'll look ever better if you use photoshop to anti alias it, only hunge flaw I see is his smile, makes hime look like a some perverted hobo. Also a tip for anyone else using ms paint, save your pic as a gif and not jpg. you...