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    The_Preacher/Fearless ***PURE FUN*** Server

    well, my filter isnt able to find it. but thnx anywayz
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    newest computer in the world: the smart pc!

    if you want to know more about this c00l computer check it out CLICK ME AND SEE THE NEWEST COMPUTER!!!
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    friend are usefull!

    OMFG you all n00bs, all spamming *****es that are just here to get a high post count! stay ontopic especially in my topics :P *slaps hisself and thinks: did i just sad that*
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    not an ingame suggestion

    where i am from its still @home
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    friend are usefull!

    lol, the people where you planted the bomb must have crapped there pants of being afraid. i would scare the **** outta myself.
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    not an ingame suggestion

    well i have cable internet and my provider is called @home. well that provider sux but i cant find a other one so i am sticked to this one, so i lose internet connection a lot. mu suggestion is that if esf automaticly reconnects a server when i had a connection problem. that would be...
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    friend are usefull!

    well, if u can read its 10 vs 10 HUH!!??? there was a post above mine just a min ago?? it said "so you fought 2v1 i always fight 1v1" why is it gone now??
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    Ahh Yes...Memories

    transformers, the snorks, teenage mutant hero turtles, pitza cats, chip and dale, darkwing duck, donald and daisy
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    Subliminal messages

    lol, the second one, with the pussy, i thought it was the line above laid by the best.
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    ESF commands

    for that super teleport, whats the whole bind code??
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    friend are usefull!

    when you are @ scool, and someone is bullying you, what do you do? do you kick is ass right away or do you cry and go to the scool director. tell the storys, about what happand to you here. my story. ==============================================...
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    Clan Logo

    wat is bf? what game is it?
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    Help me with bots

    for the n00bs here wich probebly are here, you must type "addbot" without the " eej blade mag ik je ff toevoegen op msn, ik heb een paar vraagjes.
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    here is my FINISHED vegeta. READ BEFORE U CRIT!!!!!!!!!!

    angelfire violated this image or something like that.......:\
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    u wanted proove??? here is ur proove!!

    ehhe, rene next time, come a little soner, the pics are of line now, but he scanned the original and his drawing, and he showed us that his drawing was smaller, and the shading at some places where different, believe me, he is innocent.