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    Problems with running map

    Hey, I got my map all set up (its a basic model of what i want my map to look like though). I compiled it without error except that it took no time whatso ever and the map file is less then 1 kb in size. hlcsg v2.5.3 rel (May 2 2001) Based on Valve's version, modified with permission...
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    Grand Kai arena

    ? I wasn't asking to learn, i was wondering what program he used to create his maps.
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    how to make maps?

    Uh oh... I made a VERY VERY VERY basic outline of my map, i mean so basic its not even funny anymore, every time i try to run it in esf, half life just kind of shuts down completely. Its weird, is this a problem i caused by screwing up something in the map?
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    Grand Kai arena

    Hmm. That sounds like a really cool map, what do you use to make maps?