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    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    could somebody make a chibi trunks model and a nice gotenks model with supersaiyan 3 and not for krillin
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    mmm i need help with milk shape

    thx,it's a good tutorial for beginners
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    but really a friend of mine have that nick too so dont laugh at me plz mystix okay?
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    problems with the dragon

    uhm riverside or esf_afm cell_night,cell_day all dragon balls in it
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    mmm i need help with milk shape

    srry,but can u give me a link for an easyer tutorial or something? plz?:)
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    hey can somebody tell me when 1.3 comes out?
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    I R Making Kid Buu

    the first is nice very nice but does'nt he smile alot? and he's always laughing at other
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    Dragon thingy

    he's okay and smooth but the hole in his chest what is it?
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    Well ? whaddya think?

    awesome model those sunglasses rock and the hairstyle of trunks:loving it lol really nice model
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    fake moon attack and asaru apes.

    well it's kinda weird and it make no sense,oozaru in the game;what's the point?
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    Trunks sword melee idea

    great idea man but how much damage does it do?
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    More Transformations

    nice it's gonna be cool i guess
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    i can sleep for a very very long time and drink very very much
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    A NEW MOD IDEA!!!!!

    it's a good idea but it's gonna be tough tho with the destroyable terrian
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    mmm i need help with milk shape

    you play esf styer101? but smooth shaded doesnt work i'm a noob at the whole model thing,i clicked assign and then 1 but nothing happens,but i'm good at fights in esf 1.2,i can teach you if ya want