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    u wanted proove??? here is ur proove!!

    yeh that's not traced.. the face is pretty off (sorry) that would have been perfect if ya traced it there's only one thing i can think of why it should be, and that is the shoes.. they end exactly there were the copy ends... and if ya can draw that, you can easily finish those shoes, np...
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    Goku CAN go to ssj when making spirit BOM!!!

    could be but he can't make a genki dama in his ssj form, however after making and launching it he can push it in ssj..
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    4 free signs

    i understand why they are free
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    ooh that's awesome i love the face :)
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    JRR Tolkien (who know what JRR means? me know)

    yes it's the second :) i've read all of his books
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    Like light sabers?

    wooh i like that! can you also do normal swords? that'd be cool what programs did you use to make this?
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    DBZ Revo Layout!

    spitfire > your pmbox is full could you please give me your email i want to ask you something thx could you please pm me your email?
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    cool hey :)
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    Vegetto Wallpaper

    wooh dude that is really cool stuff i love it!
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    Optional art topic

    don't like the colors sorry i just don't like it
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    My First 1024x768 WP...

    hey not bad :) i like the pics u used but it's not special or something very good for you first one :)
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    New WP

    cool that's pretty tite i like the pics!
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    Vegetto Wallpaper

    hey that vegetto wallpaper you've got isn't that bad can i have it? :D
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    Gohan Model WIP

    face looks kinda weird.. but the rest is ok :)
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    hey that's really cool nice work :)