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    Warning!! Contains Graphic Content

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    ESF in a Magazine

    Just to tell everybody that ESF was recently included in PC Format's Bonus DVD in this Month's issue.
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    Thoughts on ESF 1.2 (Opinions)

    All I can say is: holy crap!!!, this is good. I can't believe it's free, I mean it's far better than so many commercial games.
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    I usually just listen to the japanese DBZ music from the Movies and Series and the image songs
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    Budokai 3 in the works

    Cool, Japan is getting a brilliant version of Budokai 2.
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    Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon

    I've always loved the series and I thought this was an excellent conclusion to the series. I thought the 3-D graphics might ruin the characters but it didn't.
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    Budokai 3 in the works

    Those Japanese Screen shots must be fake, that stage ten level has guys from Neko Majin Z.
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    The hardest game EVER (FRUSTRATING AS HELL)

    The game must be running slow on my computer cause I got 41 seconds on my second try.
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    what episode

    Loads of sites have video clips of those two scenes, so just go to one.
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    Super Powers?? I am GOD!

    I'd be the Flash, being so fast and seeing the world slowed down would be cool.
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    Dragonball Kanzenban

    Well, it was 20 Euro, whatever that is in your currency, unless you use Euro.
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    Dragonball Kanzenban

    The original manga of DragonBall is currently being re-released as the "Kanzenban" volumes. Each volume sports brand-new cover art, all drawn by original author / artist Akira Toriyama. The Manga will be a 34 Volume Collection in this edition. It's sort of like a perfect Edition of the Manga...
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    I need a g/f

    Dude, if you get a girlfriend it'll mean you'll eventually have to kiss or maybe even more :scared: o_o . You don't want that or do you?
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    I need a g/f

    I don't get it. Why would he want a girl?
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    Honestly, Kids today. First they're pretending to be clan members from a popular Dragonball Mod, next they're on the streets doing drugs and before you know it they're involved with gangs and you don't know who they are anymore. Like the old saying goes "Never pretend to be a ESF Clan Member...