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    Ginyu Frog

    This has already been reported.
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    Body change

    I mean when you actually have changed bodies, when you're in the other bodie, you can't fly either.
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    Body change

    Forgot to add this, but also, when you change bodies, you can't jump, fly, swoop, dash or teleport. Edit: Woops, sorry for the double post.
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    Body change

    Uhm, in this update it is stated to be finished except for the bugs in it.
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    Body change

    Looks like I got accidently shot in the air because of the bot then.
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    Body change

    When you switch body's, you stay in that form forever. When being a frog the game crashes when you do any attack but the bodychange one.
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    Movie of the Week

    What's the title of that song?
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    Local Gfx

    My friend asked me to post this and to comment it because he is on smallband: *removed* He also said that all who does gfx, and those who want sigs etc. are welcome to join his forums.
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    need help

    hi i want to ask if someones good at modeling,coding,skinning,animating or something else like that would u plz answer to me. i can't tell u y cuz else i get banned so mail me @ i'll explain u everything there
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    help needed

    we are making a gundam wing mod and we are a little short in workmen, so if u could do modeling,skinning,animating,coding or u know someone who could do that then plz contact me No advertising allowed on these forums. Closed.
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    gundam wing

    does anyone know sites were i can download gundam eps,no kazaa or netpumper or stuff like that. I saw them from the firt till the 21th. i would realy apreciate it.
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    k BIG THX
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    How do you use the sword of trunks plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!
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    and how do you use youre sword
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    wasn't ther gonna be SDK 3.0 or something and if it is included how do you see it?????