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    Fanmade Naruto 2D MMORPG in development

    The people over at are designing a 2D Naruto MMORPG. Currently, they're designing their level editor which will make up most of the game, and designing many of the sprites and customisation that you can use to make your character. You will be able to do nearly all the...
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    ESF Downtime

    hmm ne one kno wat happened? and y is the forums ummm "dead" at the moment? do u think they were uploading 1.1 or something (O.o) or do u think the server was just down? Edit: my bad esf forums is not dead, i just didnt configure my time settings lol
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    My Beastly SSJ3 Goku W.I.P.

    thatd make an awesome gotenks head
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    wat do u want to do with him? edit the model? if u wanna edit the MODEL in milkshape3d then open ms3d then go to file then go to import then go to Half-life SMD and chose the smd u wish to modify... if u want to edit the SKIN then open ssvegetabody.bmp or ssvegetahead.bmp in ur paint program and...
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    Which muppet are you?

    <table width="350" border="0" bgcolor="#00662C"><tr bgcolor="#00A847"><td width="125"><div align="center"><img src="" width="125" height="108"></div></td><td width="177" bgcolor="#00A847"><p align="center"><b><font size="3"...
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    Who do you think is the best Character?

    I AM THE BEST CHARACTER!!! o wait im not in the game... darn... gohan ownz joo i jus wish he was teen gohan or like when u click gohan for char it gives u a choice between pre-teen gohan, teen gohan, and saiyaman... theyd all have the same everything except the model would be dif... either way...
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    so you guys from america

    i from america speak english good america in born get a plus in english me LOL im from america obviously and i was born here to but i dont really talk like up above... no i dont get an a+ in english (is that even possible?) and i live nj so :p o yeah btw east roxors u! and umm wow this post...
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    Got some Christmas money and...

    buy urself a life! err umm metroid prime, kingdom hearts, resident evil 0, and the best game of all... MARIO PARTY 4!!!
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    if u d/led esfb100.exe run it and install the game then turn on hl go to mods and select esf and then do wat u want to from them (easier way is to make a shortcut to hl.exe and in the target put C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -game esf -noipx -nointro -console) ps: that shortcut mite have to be...
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    It Didn't Work!!

    first of all calm down... esf does care about its FANS you are not really a fan if u yell at esf for something that was probably wrong with the download... it may take a long time but i suggest u get the .zip file from somewhere.. and i have dial-up at my dads house and i complained about it and...
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    People These Days Have No RESPECT

    games are meant to be fun and respectful not just fun... anyone lacking respect is a newbie not in the game but in life itself... is camping at someones spawnpoint repeatedly and killing them when they spawn respectful? NOT! two people are going at it in a melee duel head to head in the heat of...
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    My verbesserungforschläge for BETA 2

    u dont go from super saiyan 3 to 4 if this game was a dbz/gt game then theyd probably do something along the lines of if u have a tail then when u transform u go to oozaru then the next transformation to golden oozaru and then the next transformation after that is to ssj4 which is how u really...
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    esf mod and budokai

    u cant compare esf and budokai... they have 2 totally different styles of gameplay... and they are on 2 totally different systems... and ppl hav there own taste so u cant say they can make a game better than a company cuz other ppl mite think it the other way round... but in my opinion esf is...
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    ESF Team lied?

    ok first off trunks of course u think ima dumbass? thats the first thing i did... second pc joe i didnt say that esf lied do u not c the question mark? and trust me i am experienced with half-life and hl mods i always go on dedicated servers... and also i said that its fine with dsl and cable...
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    brolly, it means: In one late appeared one old enemy cell gohan arrive close delle to the laugh and say hahaha I I was stronger the power that had defeated you to decada? weak I turned a super warrior more cell I speak and I turned weakker mine ki this greater at? that its inrita father gohan...