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    Goodbye ME/Rick

    Catch ya later dude, you did so much work on them, they are awsome. Wait are you leaving for good or just decide to retire from the team?
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    Okies, i think i might enter this one for ****s and giggles. Hmmm typos are gonna be disqualified... looks like im gonna have to tripple check my work this time :P EDIT: just wondering for wonderings sake, why only to use image shack as a host?
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    Throw ppl

    tele out of the way, if too late to escape, block the prepunches, if your still too late hold primary (mouse1) and pray, if your in flight of being thrown hold jump (space) so you can rebound back up ASAP after making a creater.
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    Yet another poll to waste your precious time.

    Never looked at the comics but from TV and movies, it was close but Batman > Superman. Well for the most part anyway, the last few batman movies never lived up to the first couple.
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    Which X-Man do you like the best?

    Wolverine is very cool and bad ass, no doubt, but gambit takes the winners trophy. Gambit > all
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    Wohoo, Go Pride, we love your long, ranty posts :) PS. Hey not a single person nominated me... oh yeah, the whole knot riting well thangy :p
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    star trek

    How old is Bridge commander? Tried hunting it down today in the shops near my place with no luck. EDIT: BRIDGE COMMANDER, not bride commander as i had posted originally
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    star trek

    Ah looks like ive been missing out on the recent star trek games. StarFleet academy was *THE* startrek game of its time. Bridge commander was so much fun, played it at a lan once for a while, do people still play online with it? If so i might have to buy me a copy from somewhere.
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    Vote Placed. Go ESF :D
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    Sups? Happy Bday man
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    ESF's Popularity

    I think the main reason to why there are less players are because alot of people got over dragon ball Z after the show finished.
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    Greatest intro ever.....

    Red Alert 2, Broodwars, Warcraft 3
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    Which file extension are you?

    <img src="" <\img> Ums yeah :P kinda... maby...
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    Best 2D Fighting Series

    Street fighter :) caus its the only 2d one i can play without getting my ass handed to me on a plate.
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    If you have...

    Deman has nailed it on the head. What else i would do is freeze time during the filming of tattslotto, and re-arange the balls to match the numbers on my ticket. :)