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    A head's up

    i am having horrible e-mail problems i need to make a new account >.< my new name will be Saiyan Knight so dont send any private messages to mac1029. You forum administrators, please delete this account. Thanks :)
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    Move input animation

    all i remember thats the same on the outline is it being more dbzish, not much details but yah, they need that. the way it is now makes it feel slow and boring.
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    My new Goku Signature

    yah thats cooler and you should put something on the right side to.
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    Goku's Super Spirit Bomb Idea

    pretty good idea (compared to the others:/ ) but do you really need it that much?
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    Semi-Perfect Cell's Kamehameha

    why do you care? By the time it can be put in cell will have his 3rd form. He will most likely get kamehameha back in his 3rd form.
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    character creation

    probably. as sad as it is this will probably never happen :(
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    some new ideas

    I like the third one >_<
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    vegeta explosion

    look in the sky.....^
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    Mass Ball

    The current power struggles could be tweaked you know -_-
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    vegeta explosion

    I think it would imbalence the game. You kill a bunch of people and kill yourself, so then you respawn and do it again. Its just pointless. No aiming or anything. Just standing.
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    ok i have a contest for you sig makers

    I want a signature, but i cant make one :( This is a contest to see who can make me the best signature. (or a cheap attempt to get a sig:( ) I want it to have future trunks with the sword super saiyan and for it to say saiyan knight. Im sick of people calling me mac (thats my kiddy name.)
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    rose sig

    cool sig, but i no like that game(too hard to get on the 3 channels :()
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    BUUS DANCE IS THE BEST!!!! but anyway, adult Gohan could be in he just wouldnt be unique at all. this should go in the suggestions thread and you could be more specific on the reason why he should be in(attacks, hp, etc.)
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    No max-charge/reduced min-charge

    I thinkk that could work but i think that if you "pump ki" into it you wouldnt be able to move with the beam.
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    Underpowered/Overpowered Characters

    What about trunks? He is slow and has bad beams. They need to make him fast so he can be good at melee.