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    Damn, 10 threads with the same subject...
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    Israeli esf'ers

    Theres a big esf israeli community on אבל למה לא רעיון מגניב, אם אתה צריך עזרה במשהו שלח הודעה פרטית.
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    It doesn't work on 1.2.. so if you play 1.1 you can download it from here
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    Free 1gb email!

    not google... an israeli website "walla" (realy known website in israel) is offering 1gb email for free. enjoy.
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    A random thread yey! Where do u ppl live :o

    נירית? באיזה חור זה ? לול
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    A random thread yey! Where do u ppl live :o

    I live in Israel, Ashdod..
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    I got gmail :o

    I think it's just with memory cards...
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    goodbye won..... It's realy easy to install... people are just lazy..
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    I got gmail :o

    In israel theres a website that offers 1gb for free too..
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    goodbye won.....

    Some guys from the CS Revolution make a cs 1.5 that work on steam.. check it out here
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    How many people still play 1.2

    ChaosPriest, i didn't play with 1.1 on the net, just with 1.2 .. and i got realy bored after couple of weeks...
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    How many people still play 1.2

    I stopped playing in 1.2 .. I didn't like the meele, and the game is slower than 1.1.. maybe i'll play again in 1.3 ...
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    Oh noes! My Steam engine exploded :-(

    c:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\username\half-life\ put it there..
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    EEA Models..

    Hey, I realy liked the models of eea.. Shijing converted the frieza model 4 model, and i just wanted to know, anyone planing to convert the rest of the models of eea ? I realy liked their Goku.. tnx in advance.
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    Pimp Your Desk

    Wow Mr. Satan, I like your room.. Can I live with you?