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    Just some old stuffz

    that model looks so cool :) nice one
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    ESF,... to be continued????

    as long as isnt saiyan man i dont care :| he went from being a totally cool, hard, really strong 13ish year old( when he beat cell ) to a geeky high school student. his powers even went down! sounds silly but maybe put him in in mystic stage and just have him power up faster than the others. i...
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    dbz vids

    if the mods think it is too unrelated delete. but.... do any of you know any sites that sell dbz vids/dvd preferably UK based but if not one that ships :D thx
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    Super Buu Buu

    i think it is an excelent model, of all the characters in dbz that form off buu looked the coolest. if he was a little bit taller it would be even bettar cuse i found he looked lanky but real strong (doesnt make sence really but thats what i think) but other than that it rox :) nice one