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    DMZ hacked!

    yes im am hosted with oktagone esf is really secure against attacks
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    generic beams, how bout generic balls

    well you can do that but get a coder, animator , spritist and change generic beam to generic ball
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    generic beams, how bout generic balls

    yes i like that idea but that will be like kame tourpidoes but inside hand and generic sounds :D
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    INPORTANT!! *ALL redsaiyan models* *READ*

    well good point and good idea you should make this a sticky
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    Devil Information Dump

    well the ips will not help if its dynamic. WONIDS will be the only thing that will stop this guy from accessing a server so stop goin on with ips that will keep changing just ban all the WONIDS that he gets then he will ha no more
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    RCON Command listing

    or goto and they have a butch of commands really when you download adminmod the commands come with them :D
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    +/- dedicated server

    well i will be glad to gelp you since we have 5 computers with amds 2700+ 512gb/upload 1mb/download and cable also we leave our computers on all day and night LOL.
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    [WIP] USSJ Vegeta

    well tell us all when its there and i will download lol *edit* = will the FF come with this?? and will the galitgun , bigband and all them attacks of vegeta change???
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    i wish he gave more information about his server then it would be more easier to figure out... go throught the server and see whats wrong or change anything you think is not right if nuthing come back here and we will discuss
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    hosting a esf game?

    yes scorcher2k is right you will need to setup your routor to give access the halflife to the net its about the firewall.. set your ips and you will be fine or unplug you routor and plug direct to your computer from the wall and set the ip address and will be fine :)
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    Devil Information Dump

    i just say ban them becuase the people that are using them got on the net for free like us we had tp buy cs. so all the people that have the cd-key should be baned and let them go and buy a real version ____________________________ Lol i don't no what im talking about...
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    what do u think?

    i like goin crazy and vs every1 i can possibly see or have in my scoop
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    ESF Dedicated

    anyway well my computer is go and it can run a dedicated server very easy just buy more componets and make sure that everything is setup on your computer correctly for it to work :D EDIT* [off-topic] btw: how becomes draco has the same sig as |pt|mars lol
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    Problem with HL

    ok if you have a routor you need to setup your ip addresses and make sure that your firewall is turned off you should go and look in sever-chat there might be a solution for this :)
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    Esf And Cookies

    thx for that you just fixed my problem to thankyou saiyan Warrior